Bringing you the clarity needed to come out of the maze to better health.

It's only our approach to pain that's new...

We're standing on the shoulders of giants

20 Years of listening, and learning from patients in pain has taught us everything !

If you agree that the ‘medicalised’ approach isn’t giving answers to what causes your Pain to persist, then please bear with us and learn what constraints are preventing your pain from improving. 

*You’ll notice that we prefer the term ‘Persistent Pain’. It might be a professional preference, but from experience, we believe it makes a difference. 

Had enough of trying to kill your pain?

We believe that articulating our many limitations and then being active in contending with them, helps us become better functioning human beings. We thrive towards broadening our understanding of how we function, so using our rational mind we can have access to a more meaningful life, and manage our pain and suffering more successfully.

We are sure that pain is the opportunity to achieve this! No pain, No learning. rather than No pain No gain

There are 4 Easy Steps to You Managing Your Pain


Understand Chronic Pain

Preferably referred to as Persistent Pain, we like to start educating on the mechanisms that are intrinsically Human and are the building blocks of our experience of pain. 


Understand Your Pain

Building on your new understanding of the human body, we talk you through the specifics of you and start to bring clarity to your experience of Pain. 


Learning Techniques

We’ll help you develop your toolbox and equip you with the knowledge on how to apply them. 


Manage Your Pain Better

You have the knowledge of the theory, the practical techniques and how to apply them. That’s what we call a Plan. 

We've split these 4 Steps into a 6 Stage Success Path

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